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Genfic Grand Central for Smaller Fandoms

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September 9th, 2007

genchallengemod @ 02:55 pm: Community Advertisement - xposted
What is gen_challenge?

A sister community to yaoi_challenge, het_challenge, and yuri_challenge, gen_challenge is an open fandom based com for gen fics and fanart and prompts.

How does it work?

1. Make a prompt

A prompt consists of a fandom, one or more characters, and an idea for a story or artwork. For example: Lord of the Rings, Eowyn and Merry, "Calm before the storm". You can see some examples from Round 1 here.

Anyone can leave a prompt, and prompts can be for any fandom. Leaving a prompt puts you under no obligation to participate further if you don't want to. So if you've had any plot bunnies that need a home, feel free to leave them here!

2. Claim a prompt

Prompts are then collected into a list and people choose which ones they want to use. You can pick any, as long as you don't pick your own.

3. Complete your work

Once you've got one or more prompts, you've got a deadline to create a fanfic or fanart on each prompt. If you can't finish it before the deadline, it's no problem to drop your claims.

Want to know more?

We're currently in Round 2, in the stage of leaving prompts. You can leave a prompt (or more) here.

September 3rd, 2007

pylonarchive @ 03:53 pm: First post. 8D
Greetings and salutations! I've been writing fanfiction for a fair number of years; my current PenName on FF.net is "Aseptic".

I do apologise in advance if things I post are above the PG-13 level: it is not something I've very familiar with, since my country follows a different rating scheme.

Anyway, on with the fanfiction! This is the prologue and first chapter of a story I'm working on; it's really only a side project. I despise my prologue, but I'm too far in to change it and so it shall have to stick until I can afford the time to re-write it.

Enough rambling. On with it!

Title: "Three Day Storm"
Author: Py'Arch
Fandom: Get Backers
Rating: PG-13 (I hope.)
Summary: It’s been storming in Shinjuku for three days straight. Ban Midou knows it’s got something to do with his old Retrieval partner. So where's Ginji?
Character(s): Central GB Cast, plus or minus a few.

Three Day Storm Prologue: Bad Luck With UmbrellasCollapse )


Three Day Storm 01: The World's Biggest Lightning RodCollapse )


Mmmkay. If it's wanted, I'll post up the next two chapters that are written thusfar. Would love to know what folk think. <33.

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August 17th, 2007

sweetcarolanne @ 03:30 pm: Poltergeist Ficlet, A Time to Mourn, G
Written for the community 10_prompts.

Title: A Time to Mourn
Author: Carol Anne Caiafa
Fandom: Poltergeist
Prompt: #1, Table 6, Tears
Character: Carol Anne Freeling
Rating: G
Word Count: 277
Summary: Carol Anne feels sadness more intensely now…
Author’s Notes/Disclaimer: Set after Poltergeist III – Carol Anne is approximately 11 years old. I do not own these characters and am making no profit, etc. Warnings for angst. This ficlet, like all that I am writing for this series of prompts, is dedicated to the memory of Heather O’Rourke, the late child actress who played Carol Anne in the Poltergeist films. Rest in peace, sweet angel – you are remembered and loved.

Follow the fake cut!

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March 1st, 2007

kerravonsen @ 05:41 pm: OT: other gen fic comm
I've just discovered an LJ community called gen_fen; I wonder if we might move over there? This comm here seems a bit moribund, it would be nice if both groups could join forces and inject a little more life by increasing numbers. They seem to have more people than we do, but don't post that frequently either (though more frequently than we have been).

Just a thought.

December 19th, 2006

sage_theory @ 07:33 pm: Genfic: "Tidings of Comfort and Joy" (New Series Tomorrow People)
Title: Tidings of Comfort and Joy
Author: sage_theory
Fandom: Tomorrow People, New Series
Rating: G
Summary: For latimer84 who wanted NS TP. Sometimes, you have to invent your own traditions.

fic: tidings of comfort and joyCollapse )

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July 17th, 2006

bitterfig @ 02:00 pm: Ghost World Fic

Title: Coleslaw Au Go-Go
Fandom: Ghost World
Character: Enid Coleslaw
Rating: PG
Author’s Notes: Set nine years after the movie.  Created for the lj community 100_women.  Prompt: 001: Beginnings
Word Count: 800    
Beta Reader: Nzomniac

100_Women Prompt Table




June 25th, 2006

duskpeterson @ 11:23 pm: FIC: Night Shadow (Original)
Title: Night Shadow
Author: Dusk Peterson (author's Website and author's community LJ)
Category: Original fiction. Male platonic feelings.
Rating: PG.
Summary: A prince who could see beyond his borders but not see the people around him. . . . An enemy who would take any measure to get what he wanted. . . . And now a stranger would bring the prince news of an approaching danger.
Excerpt: "Kneeling on the ledge of the crenel that provided a gap in the tower's stonework, Farsight stared down at the hundred-foot drop and murmured to himself, 'If only I could see the people near me clearly. They seem so dim.'

"'That will be your death.'"

Boilerplate warning for all my stories: Read more...Collapse )

May 18th, 2006

duskpeterson @ 01:08 pm: FIC: Bard of Pain (Original Fiction; The Three Lands series)

Title: Bard of Pain
Author: Dusk Peterson (author's Website and author's community LJ)
Series: The Three Lands, fantasy novels on friendship and betrayal in wartime. This is the first story being posted at the series site.
Category: Original fiction. M/M platonic feelings.
Rating: R for violence. (No erotic content.)
Summary: In the battle-weary lands of the Great Peninsula, only one fate is worse than being taken prisoner by the Lieutenant: being taken prisoner if you are the Lieutenant.
First sentence: "The beginning of the end for him (or so it seemed at the time) came in the moment that he stepped into the shadow of Capitol Mountain and was assaulted by a stranger."
Boilerplate warning for all my stories: I write hurt/comfort, angstfic, and darkfic. Many of my stories deal with the topic of abuse, death, or voluntary submission. All of my stories feature love or respect, though sometimes it takes a while to get there.
Special warning: Read more...Collapse )

October 20th, 2005

swear_jar @ 12:18 am: Title: Butterflies and Hurricanes.
Fandom: Aliens (:Resurrection, specifically).
Characters: Ripley.
Word Count: 1, 196.
Rating: Hard R.
Warnings: Violence, language, no sex, but I should warn for almost non-con.
Author's Notes: This is set not long after the Queen has been taken out of Ripley (but before the Betty’s crew arrives).

( Butterflies and Hurricanes. )

June 22nd, 2005

izhilzha @ 10:25 pm: Touching Evil (USA version): Let Me Down
I do have a few fics sitting around that are in very small fandoms. Nice to have a forum for them! :-)

Title: Let Me Down
Author: izhilzha
Fandom: Touching Evil (the USA version)
Rating: PG-13 (well, maybe R for language)
Summary: When Mark Rivers faced down a killer in the episode "Grief," what was going through his mind? Maybe something like this. [Honestly, that one scene spoke volumes to me about him; I thought I was going to write an essay, but this fic came out instead.]
Character(s): Agent Mark Rivers
Warning, sort of: If you haven't seen the episode "Grief," I seriously doubt this will make sense. You're welcome to read it anyway, of course!

Touching Evil: Let Me DownCollapse )

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