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duskpeterson @ 06:56 pm: FIC: Bard of Pain 3/7 (original gen prisonerfic)
Cover for Bard of PainTitle: Bard of Pain – Chapter 3 of 7.
Author: Dusk Peterson (Website and blog).
Series: The Three Lands. You don't need to have read the other stories in the series to understand this one.
Category: Original fiction. Male/male platonic feelings.
Rating: PG-13 for violence.
Summary: In the battle-weary lands of the Great Peninsula, only one fate is worse than being taken prisoner by the Lieutenant: being taken prisoner if you are the Lieutenant.
The story so far: Having sought the advice of the Jackal, Koretia's god-man, of where to ply his trade as a torturer, he has begun working for the Northern Army, which in later years will attack the Southern Army of Koretia and Daxis. The chapter begins seventeen years later, when he has been captured by the Southern Army.
Note: Not a work-in-progress; the story is finished and is being serialized weekly. I announced this novella last year in some places, but I'm reserializing it online in honor of the publication of the booktrailer (songvid), the e-book editions, and the audio edition. Click on the link for all of these; scroll down a bit for the online edition.

"Gasps, and then moans, followed by tears, sobs, curses, screams, pleas for the questioning to stop, more screams, protests that one doesn't know the information – and then the breaking."

( Post comments on this chapter at my blog. )

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