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Small Fandom Genfic Grand Central

Non-romantic stories for the rest of us

Genfic Grand Central for Smaller Fandoms
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Fanfiction of the non-shipper variety for smaller fandoms
This community was created to create a central home for genfic on Livejournal for smaller fandoms. It is maintained by tptigger. The general genfic communities are besotted with fanfic for larger fandoms such as Lord of the Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter. We have nothing against these fandoms, but the genfic is fairly easy to find. As such, this community was created for other fandoms. If you don't see your fandom listed, it will be after you post. :) No real people stories (so those rock stars/actors don't sue) or book fanfiction unless you can point me to a published site where the author has said they don't mind it (Animorphs is fine.).

The rules are as follows:
1. No flaming. Constructive criticism does not constitute a flame. "I think you need to learn to use spell checker" is not a flame. "I think this story sucks" isn't exactly constructive, but it's not a flame either--that said, if you want to express your distaste for a story, please find a way to use constructive language and specific reasons. "You suck because you think I need to use spell checker" is, however a flame.
2. Stories should not focus on romantic relationships. Friendship fic is fine, and if you give us long 'n' plotty, we'll love you forever. If you find yourself listing pairings, please reconsider whether the story belongs here. Don't let the fact that characters are in a relationship discourage you from posting, however. If the main focus of the story is something else and you don't have entire subplots devoted to smoochies and/or lovers quarrels, that's fine. We have nothing against romance, this community is just a place where those of us who'd like to find something else can do so. (When in doubt, ask. Community members have access to the mod's email for a reason :)
3. Stories should be rated no higher than PG-13; R for language or violence is also acceptable--but please indicate when a story is rated R for violence. This is a genfic community, if your story has sex scenes, please find one of the many 'shipper or slash communities to post it on.
4. Please post your own material. Links to other websites (or public journal entries) are acceptable if you want to rec someone else's story.
5. Please label your fandom, and cut tag anything larger than a 100 word drabble or containing spoilers for canon that is less than six months old. (Pet peeve of the mod: drabbles are exactly 100 words. Anything longer is something else.)
The following format is probably useful:

Please note that the definition of genfic is fluid, but mostly doesn't involve warnings. However, if you feel you need one such (graphic violence, alternate universe, mention of same sex couples), please include it. Rape, non-con, incest, etc are not acceptable.